In the zone: paper is just the ticket to end unfair fares

Posted on 06/11/2018 by

SYDNEYSIDERS do not have to wait until the NSW Government resolves its 16-year battle to introduce electronic ticketing for fares that work across buses, trains and ferries, a transport expert says.Corrine Mulley, of the Institute for Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney, said the Government could reconfigure existing technology to allow zone-based fares.Professor Mulley, who holds the NSW Government-funded chair in public transport, has released research showing the current system of charging commuters for point-to-point travel is imposing a ”financial penalty [on those] who change bus or modes of transport to reach their destination”.While weekly passes covering bus, train and ferry travel are available, they are almost 80 per cent more than the price of a Metro Ten bus ticket, which covers the journeys to and from work for a week – if the passenger needs to make only a single trip. ”But things get a lot more expensive if you need to take two buses or transfer between modes,” she said. For example, a passenger travelling three to five sections between the densely populated eastern suburbs to the CBD pays $25.60 for a Metro Ten. But a passenger who also needs to take a train to reach work in North Sydney, must pay almost $40 for a joint bus and train ticket.Professor Mulley said that with only 10 per cent of greater Sydney’s workforce employed in the CBD, commuters using bus-train combinations, especially if they involve private buses in the southern, northern and western suburbs, are charged twice. While the structure of fares is a different issue to the price of fares, Professor Mulley has urged the Government to simplify ticketing to attract passengers. ”Switching modes of transport is often a disincentive in itself, but in Sydney you also have a financial turn-off,” she said.In the Netherlands, she said, zone-based fares were introduced using paper tickets so Sydney did not need to wait for a London-style electronic card before reforming its system.Andrew WestCome on board the campaign… visit: www.transportpublicinquiry出售老域名.au

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